You are not lucky- in fact you are very unlucky being dealt a very difficult and challenging hand with the accident. What makes it even harder is that you are such a life loving person in all extremes of the phrase. 

The good news is that you have recently and over Christmas seen lights of hope in all of this. Imagine those you have met in the hospitals and the many others you haven’t who will never see the light and have given up all hope. 

At the toughest times maybe it helps to say to yourself that this really isn’t about you anymore. It’s about being a father to your girls, a son to your parents, a brother to your brothers. A husband to wife, a friend to your friends, and a boss and mentor to your staff and partners. 

You will get back to where you were if you can learn to redefine your definition of a fit, healthy, happy man. There are lots of versions that meet that definition. 

I have no idea if I could do it myself. All I know is that when the most gut wrenching times hit – sometimes you just have to step back and remove the “me” in it all. 

massive, massive positive

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