( This post was written in anger, on Saturday 22nd of July, and a rail against the injustice of my debilitating injury, and the perceived injustice of things that happen to you, you think ( only )  because of your injury )

I just got this message from another gent that’s paralysed, who obviously reads my diary.

See, it IS a relevant post, as it seems that people think you can’t defend yourself, once paralysed.

‘I have worked this out a long time ago. Brought to fruition the last few weeks with my estranged brother. People think that you are incapable of defending yourself now you’re paralysed. I now look at it that I’m glad I got under their skin so well for them to kick you while your down. Fuck em Russ, rise above it.

It just proves how much they think they have control over you. All the time you have your mind you have control.’


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