SCI – the injury that keeps on giving.

Essentially my current ‘ routine ‘ involves me sh****** the bed every morning, and then doing my best to clean up what I can’t feel, except with my hands. Lying in bed, I can just about reach to clean myself up, though it’s far from certain that I actually manage that very well with kitchen roll and baby wipes. Getting onto an actual toilet is something that I cannot do.

The District Nurses proved so poor at helping me that I abandoned their services 2 months ago, and self manage. My carer obviously helps in the final cleaning process, once she has arrived. Obviously nobody in my family would dream of assisting me, either. Actually I’m not even sure if they even know?

Living like this is obviously not a fantastic long term proposition, hence the desire for the colostomy. It’s not the greatest start to every day, but it is a necessity as the alternative is sh***** myself in my wheelchair.

Its all relative, isn’t it?

And I have only 2 more days of doing this.  That’s pretty good.

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