Saturday night!

The buses to the rescue then. I’ve learned that when in need they are most likely to actually get me to where I need to be.

There are far more buses than there are trains, and far more bus stops than there are train/tube stations- at least in London anyway. If you can’t get exactly the right one, you can get a different one that at least gets you closer to your ideal destination.

From the SSE Arena it was about 500m to the bus stop, then a 385 to Ealing, then another 500m on the pavement, then an E2 pretty much all the way home – as in within 150 m of my front door.

So bingo then! Back safely…. to find water dripping through the ceiling in my hallway. Oh well… it’s not as if I can do anything other than send an email to the construction company – my home is still very much under guarantee, being a new build. It’ll get sorted…

Anyway, more drama in the night as poor Fanny seems to have been spotted by a fox – well it can’t get in, can it, but it can wander around within a few feet of her ( the other side of the glass ) I don’t have any curtains in the living room where she is, so it’s a lil sheet over her cage I think overnights from now on, rather than having her scared beakless.

Cute Fanny flaps a lot when spooked, and we can’t have that. A happy Fanny is ever so important to me – ask Wendy and she’ll tell you.

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