Saturday cont…

Having spent most of today on the phone, or going to the hospital, or being in the hospital, I can’t really say that I got anywhere.  Despite having ALL the symptoms and signs of a UTI, the lab analysis said that I don’t have one.

What the hell am I supposed to make of that? They even told me to stop taking the antibiotics. Sod that for a laugh, I am going to keep taking them obviously.

What’s occurred to me, is that IF I’m not actually infected and i have no evil bacteria affecting my mind, then my thoughts are just my own thoughts… They are however always accompanied by the other signs of a UTI, so am I imagining the whole lot, or what?

Someone suggested I might be bipolar, but for that you need episodes of euphoria ( I wish ) so that’s unlikely.  I do know that drinking ridiculous volumes of water ( about 6 litres per day ) does seem to ‘ keep me in a straight line’ and if I pause the crazy hydration routine then I get spasms for sure.

Having had so little sleep last night, the sights of Paris on the way to the railway station, by cable tied Triride, with large hold-all on sensation free lap,  went largely unappreciated. I did get distracted momentarily by a hooker in a doorway who must have been approaching 70, with both the biggest lips and the biggest tits I’ve honestly ever seen. I don’t know how ‘ busy’ she is, but I’d say that was a fairly ‘ niche’ experience

. If you don’t believe me, ask Stella.

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