So it would seem that one way of surviving in the world I now inhabit, is to be angry, opinionated and bloody minded, or at least to have a default towards those behaviours.

I’ve realised and witnessed these traits in chair users, and have been told countless times of a reluctance to offer assistance to a chair user for fear of rebuke.

I do however completely understand how these traits may develop, post injury, as a way of just managing in a world that seems not to understand – which is also something that I understand – not having understood myself, pre spinal injury and wheelchair !

Do I want to end up that way, though, railing against everything? No, I don’t.
And hopefully I’ve not gone too far down that road, though I know that I have to a degree already, out of situational frustration and ‘ injustice’ ( which readers of this diary may at least be able to forgive me for )

I’ll I think have a greater awareness of self, now that I know what I’m trying to avoid.

On another note, I ended up buying a table and set of chairs today.

It’s a funny thing, buying seats that I know I’ll never be able to sit in or feel myself.

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