Went to an art exhibition today.

It was in Olympia, in the exhibition hall.
All the work was ‘ contemporary ‘ and in the main pretty cool.
Definitely lots of talent at large.

I went to exactly the same Hall a six months ago, to a ‘ fayre’ called Spirit of Christmas.
Both today and last time, all the stuff was for sale. Last time the average price of something was probably £20, this time probably £5,000.

The last time I was there I was actually amazed by how friendly people were – the vendors and those walking about. So many smiles it was crazy.

Today a thousand people ( all adults ) must have ‘looked through me ‘ – only 2 Chinese ladies smiled at me.

It reminded me of one of my first wheelchair outings – to Queen’s Tennis Club. That day I felt like nothing.
Today it was the same – but I’m better at dealing with it.

Draw your own conclusions about sections of Society?

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