Sat march 22nd

That’s it fight fans, all tickets have gone and a few more besides, so if you haven’t paid or spoken to me and sworn that you will, no ticket!  I have taken most of the left-hand side of the dome, so the atmosphere will be terrific.  There will be a Table Plan on the night but I don’t expect it to last more than 2 minutes, so don’t worry too much where you are sitting – you will have to stand to see the fights anyway.  Don’t forget that Richard Johnson’s Street Food will be outside, so no need to eat beforehand.  Although some credit card machines will be available, I’d bring some cash if I were you, to ensure a speedier service.

It is a very casual event, so no need to dress up and, in particular, can Ladies not wear stilettos as they will either damage the tennis courts or they may go arse over tit.  Also, in one of my previous fights I got twatted over the head with one, requiring a few stitches.  Although I don’t expect that to happen on Saturday, you never know, better safe than sorry?

Let’s make it a raucous night for the Russ Boy!!



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