Sad, but true ( my opinion only )

Poor Bradley Wiggins…

‘ Done’ for taking an asthma medication…

If he had bloody asthma, there is NO WAY that he’d even be able to rise to the level of a Tour de France winner.

I have asthma…. and trust me, I know how it strikes in races, and that you can’t always stop it.

Guilty as charged, Bradley.

Will sport ever be clean again?

I doubt it very much.

I’ve been following the furore and am a bit bemused as to why no one has said ‘ but hang on, Bradley didn’t actually have asthma?
If Bradley had asthma, then he’d be the figurehead/ posterboy of the Asthma Society, and they’d be saying ‘ Don’t let asthma rule your life! Bradley Wiggins has asthma, and he’s just won the Tour de France! ‘

1 thought on “Sad, but true ( my opinion only )

  1. Omg you are so right – did you hear his denial statement on the radio? – a bumbling, faltering disingenuous mess -I bet everyone who heard it as they were driving had a little figurative bubble coming out of their heads saying ‘yeah right ‘ !!!!

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