Russ getting friendly w the Mt Rosa marmots

Hi Russ

Great to have you back on home soil. We have been thinking of you, Dani and the girls a lot. We don’t blog. We aren’t on face book. We are reluctantly on Linked-in. But we have been following your story closely on your blog – and have been really moved by the strength and humour of you and your family.

Some random thoughts from the Kensington household when you can’ sleep:

1. Es did not realise that you had quite so many friends to ratchet up 80,000 hits on your blog. Respect. (Actually not quite accurate – 45656 to date!) 

2. Es was mugged by two hoodies last week. They took his precious Iphone, IWC watch and wallet. No, they did not have a knife or a gun. Yes, he is feeling emasculated.

3. Natasha wants to know why you would contemplate kicking a nurse in the boobies…and Max is perplexed about girls who would voluntarily make their boobies bigger

4. I had to fire my au pair last week because she forgot to pick up the kids. Twice. Some would argue that is her j.o.b.

5. Dani may be considered a bad mother for giving champagne to Amber. But I am a bad mother for letting my kids listen to hip hop. I caught them merrily singing to Macklemore “I don’t give a fuck”

We are hoping to visit you soon.

Take care and big hugs.

Jac, Es, Max and Natasha

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