Yesterday wasn’t a very positive day as Russ didn’t wake at all and was sedated again as he required an endoscopy on his lungs.  It seems to be a small step forward and a tinier one back each day and is very frustrating for everyone waiting for him to come to the surface.

I gather today has been another step forward as Russ was definitely responding to stimuli and had his eyes opened and attempted a couple of smiles.

Tomorrow he is having a tracheotomy fitted to assist his badly damaged lungs with breathing as it’s anticipated that the ventilator down his trachea will no longer be tolerated as he draws near to full consciousness.   For this procedure he will need to be sedated again and this in turn might cause another couple of days of drowsiness.

On a positive Dani is drawing alot of strength from everyone’s visits.  My other sister Sam and her husband Billy were out over the weekend as was the stalwart that is Dan White and his lovely family and also the great Dr Gerry!  Russ’s parent’s Bob and Di continue their vigil along with my mum Jenni.  Today Dani and mum have taken Amber to the zoo in Toulon between visits to the hospital, Amber is coping amazingly but I know she will really be looking forward to seeing Lily when they fly back to London on Thursday.

The lovely Chrissie Marty has just sent the below this evening which is really encouraging!

OMG! It was so lovely to see everyone. Dani, as you know is just amazing!

I had prepared myself for the worst before seeing Russ, and was pleasantly surprised. He was sleeping when Dani, Amber and I went in and woke up straight away. Dani left Amber and I chatting to him. Amber’s just wonderful. She plays with his hair and chats away. Then I started teasing Russ about something, and suddenly he smiled, rolled his eyes and opened his mouth a little, obviously wanting to tease me back as he usually does. He then frowned with frustration. I said, ‘hold that thought’ and he smiled. Then your mum came in and he smiled at her, and while we were joking about something he actually made an attempt to laugh. It felt like he was just as much a part of the conversation. It was lovely!
I held his hand the whole time and Amber and I stroked his forehead whenever he frowned, which relaxed his brow.

4 thoughts on “Rollercoaster

  1. What a lovely message from Chrissie. So good to hear of progress even if it is baby steps. I was at the canoe club on Saturday and everyone was asking after Russ. We are all still thinking of you and I hope you can somehow sense all the positive vibes being sent from Richmond!

    Lots of people have also said that they have read this blog and have tried to leave messages but no success. Even people with Google accounts, but then Bloggers commenting system has always been a pain and it seems to be getting worse.

    Fingers crossed that today’s op goes ok and that Russ will be fully conscious and able to talk by the end of this week.

    Much love Alison

  2. Dear Dani, We were all shocked to hear about Russ’ accident and have had you all in our thoughts over the last days. It must be hugely encouraging for Russ to have you all close to care and support him. Whenever I think of the big fella in hospital it saddens me, however I also believe he will overcome whatever difficulties and challenges that lie in his path to recovery. He is a remarkable guy and will soon be making plans for his next adventure. If we can help in any way please let us know.

    Jonny, Farina, Jimmy and Shehrezade.

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