Roger ….

He came into the kitchen.
He opened the flip up bin and just looked. Looked inside, as if he’d lost something in it.

I said ‘ what are you looking for?’

He said ( slowly ) ‘ can. I. Take. A. black. Bag ?’

I said ‘ what for?’

He said ‘ For. My. Rubbish ‘

I wondered how much rubbish he could have in his room all of a sudden.

He said ( slowly in monotone ) Or. I. Could. Take. This. One. And. Replace. It. With. Another. ‘

I said ‘ so you do have one to replace it? Why don’t you just use the one you’ve got?’

He said ‘ No. I. Do. Not. Have. Another. But. Perhaps. You. Have. One. ‘

Well that got me to be honest. I handed him 2 old Morrison’s plastic shopping bags from the drawer, and said ‘ this should be ok to put your rubbish in ‘

He said ( slowly ). ‘ The. Sign. On. The. Bin. Says. Black. Bags. Only. ‘

I told him I thought it would be ok….

I’m wondering if he’s from somewhere far away. I’m almost expecting him to one day start a sentence with ‘’ Earthling…. on your planet, how do I ……..?’’

At least then things might fall into place.

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