Robinson Crusoe, me.

People in my situation – the Spinally Cord Injured – nearly always suffer from varying degrees of bladder and bowel problems. Very sadly it’s just how it is when half your body ( or far more )  just doesn’t work properly or at all.

I’ve documented that I had a stoma operation and have a colostomy bag, as that really is an improvement on how it was before I had that operation. Still though, I have problems, as my intestines don’t work properly, as they did before. I have had lots of bloating and spasms. It seems now that I may have happened across a solution though ? If I eat half a coconut per day ( thats about 40 pence ) then  i basically shit for Wales, albeit into a handy bag on my front. I’m far less bloated and look a lot leaner ?!

Coconut is obviously good for you – ask anyone that has been shipwrecked on a desert island and they’ll tell you.

So don’t be shy, eat coconut if you’re constipated ?

( the shy bit was a pun, btw …)

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