I spent 5 long months in Louisville last year ( actually today is the anniversary of my return )

It’s the town that, to many people in the world still, is the birthplace of The Greatest sporting star that ever lived.

He has his own ‘ museum ‘ there – and I went there twice – it’s a special place, and even more so now.

It ought to be the most special place in the town, but Americans being Americans it’s not – that’ll be the Louisville Slugger factory and Stadium ( it’s to do with that other sport that they have, that the whole country gets very excited about, along with 2 other sports they get very animated about )

Despite that, on the date of Ali’s funeral, all the world’s cameras will be focussed on Louisville, and I think they’ll realise once more what a UNIVERSAL impact that Ali had, and to a lesser extent still has.

I’m sure that Pia will remember coming with me to the Ali Centre – it overlooks the huge river – the one that I almost wheeled into some months later – she and I spent ages there, and the memory of that experience is even more poignant now, than it was then.

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