Richmond Park conquered..


Using only arm power, and without my lower gears working, 12 miles covered in an hour… Including


the Park’s steepest hill.

That is a milestone.

Thanks so much to my outriders – Pia, Cliff, Neal and Dickon.

Next time may be easier – without the hangover..?



10 thoughts on “Richmond Park conquered..

  1. Amazing Russ, same as ever tough as nails. Thanks again for the consult the other week at your practice, professional as ever and I can see better 🙂

  2. Whoot whoot!! Great effort. Do NOT let Rob near that bike or he will cut holes in seats and customize to the point of unrecognizable! Looks like you are officially ready for the London marathon?! 3:30??

      1. Russ – it’s London- and it’s not a bike it’s your running legs- and there are no limits. Remember?!

  3. Glad the ride went well – looks ace. I’m close by Richmond Park so if you ever need an outrider I’ll be happy to do some laps with you at short notice. I managed to smash my derailleur up trying to ride my bike back from Pia and Cliff’s – think that was down to the Margaritas and probably best that I stumbled home rather than rode. Great to see you,Chris

  4. Bloody brilliant Russ, great to see the old determination in your eyes and the brute strength shining through. Imagine where you’ll be a year for now! So proud of you, every day. Love Alwyn, Nadia and kids xx

  5. That looks awesome Russ, well done!! I’ve been following your blog since we left and I’m really pleased to see you doing so well! Chris and I will be back in London in August and hopefully we can catch up then xx

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