At the RGS last night, a lady called Sarah Outen gave a talk.

She’s certainly done a few things, our Sarah, including rowing the Pacific solo, and being rescued from incredibly treacherous high seas on 2 occasions, by passing freighters.

In common with lots of people that do extraordinarily long challenges of thousands and thousands of miles, she didn’t ‘ look’ like an athlete, physically.  She wasn’t proclaiming herself a racer of any kind, rather an adventurer, a  plodder not a racer, but with an amazing capacity not to give up ( although a few times she’d had to, or probably die )

There were quite a lot of occasions in her talk that she referred to her marriage – that being to another lady.

In 2017 that’s hardly shocking, let’s face it. At the end, as is traditional, there were invited questions, which she answered cheerfully and honestly, that being her style.

My hand shot up ( of course ).

My question was ‘ I wasn’t sure how to phrase this  Sarah, but do you think you might be the world’ s most adventurous lesbian ?’

But I never got to actually ask it, as they ignored my hand, and fielded other, equally important questions.

I told Mark what my question was going to be, and he kind of shook his head. I think he’s just jealous that I think of better questions than him ?


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