Responses –

You have nothing to be sorry about EXCEPT for calling me FAT!!!
PS: I don’t know Lisa but I think I love her for drilling some sense into your obviously large and empty head 😍



You ain’t got to say to sorry me mate
Just wish you were a bit closer so I could see and do more for you.
Your a lovely man, Russ Dawkins
So glad I met you.
Don’t you forget that.



You are who you are never apologize ‘ it will hurt more to bite your tongue ‘ I am saying thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet you…. to help you…. and for you giving me the opportunity to improve my life xxx



Well being a fellow South Walean you’ve yet to offend me …



Dawky, you were a cantankerous & abrasive git at 19 but your charisma and presence exceed your faults – sometimes.Which English Monarch made the greatest contribution to the construction of the contemporary Westminster Abbey ? Who was his famous son ?I blame ‘Pross’ ( Pontypool RFC legendary coach ) for the ‘direct approach’ – it is Pooler DNA.

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