When I crashed my bicycle 3 years ago, it was no ones fault but possibly my own. As I can’t remember my crash, I’ll never know.
I’ve never been bitter or angry, as I had nothing to direct it at .  I was however a bit mentally altered, having concussed my frontal lobe ( my bike helmet was smashed to pieces – I  saw it about a year later, all covered in blood. That was a very unpleasant experience  )

Certainly there are those that have mistaken/ explained away my altered personality for anger, but I think I’d know how I felt inside, better than an observer.

I have made a quite amazing mental recovery whilst here though, as I’ve written about.

I did enter this hospital as an independent paraplegic, and I’m going to leave it so very much worse off than when I arrived 2 months ago, with no chance of improvement –  2.5 feet long titanium rods don’t slowly become more flexible, despite lots of optimism from friends.

This time there is blame, for sure.

I’m trying not to be bitter or angry, but I think most in my situation would be?

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