I went to Amber’s school yesterday for a Parents’ Evening

Who’d have thought that 9 months would go by from the last time I dropped Amber off at the entrance?

The staff kindly all stayed a big later to see me downstairs, that being my only option.
Was really lovely to be there, and to see Jem, Susannah and Giles, plus meet Paula and Andy ( who weren’t even there the last time I was..)

Chrissie kindly drove me there and back – big love to her.
It was a little surreal being there, in a place that I’d visited so regularly for the last 8 years.

When I got back, Amber and I talked about what the teachers had said , basically that she’s doing just fine – especially given the traumatic year this special little girl has had.

As I relayed this to Amber, she suddenly burst into uncontrollable sobbing, hugging me so tightly.
Between sobs she said ‘ Daddy, why did this have to happen to you? ‘

We both cried for quite a while and squeezed each other tight.
I reassured her that I was still the same Dad, would always be here for her, and loved her more than ever.

I’m glad I didn’t die in that French hospital.

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