Proof that I did actually get better at it.

The girl in the grey jacket is Amber, and on camera is Kev.

The thing is ( if you know a bit about skiing ) that ‘ normally ‘ it’s all about sensations – the feel of the skis against the snow, the angle of your body relative to the slope, the distribution of your weight on your skis according to the type of snow and the length of your skis … I have none of that to go on – as in none at all – I can hear the noise the skis are making and I can tell if I’m sliding rather than cutting into the snow ( carving ) only by the direction I have just ended up going in… So the sensory deprivation is unreal.

1 thought on “Proof that I did actually get better at it.

  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that sit-skiing is a branch of tobogganning for lunatics. How on earth you steer, I have no idea. On skis, I up-unweight a little, put my weight over the front of my new ski, lean my steering foot slightly to put the ski on edge… you can’t do any of that. And yet you get down black runs after only a year of doing it.
    My hat’s off to you, Dawkins.

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