imageThe snow’s all gone a bit sticky and slushy, as is normal for the end of the season, and April.

The extra grip that the snow now gives me ( as in my pole-skis ) makes turning much faster, tho ‘over-steering ‘  – that’s where you turn too much and end up pointing up the slope, then sliding down backwards and crashing … far more likely too.

Anyway as I have always been aware that talking about technique stuff can be terminally boring for those really not interested ( and have felt my eyes glaze over and wished myself dead in the company of some ….golfers ) I won’t go on about it. The upshot is that it was by far the best day on sitdownskis that I’ve had so far. Hardly any crashes, more turns, more speed and a black run a couple of times ( Kandahar – World Cup Downhill run ). I’m a fair bit slower than Lily ( who has suddenly realised the Dawkins ski gene ) and is looking very good.. and Amber too ( less style but a reckless mentality.

I’ll improve far more in the next four days than they will however, so we’ll see.


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