I had a meeting today with the amazing Lady Marie Dawson-Malcolm.  She has the title as a consequence of having been decorated by the Queen for services to the disabled.

Having met her, I can see why. Google her

A victim of  domestic violence,  24 years ago, that left her a high level quadriplegic, she has no feeling at all below the neck. She can move her arms and her hands, but without any notion of touch, and hardly any grip.

She makes me look very fortunate indeed.

Shes also possibly the most cheerful person I’ve ever met.

And it’s for real.

Amongst other things, when she’s not getting knighted etc, she works for the Spinal Injuries Association, and goes around London educating all sorts about Spinal Cord Injury.  SCI is something that barely anyone knows anything about. If you read this diary, you may have picked up a few things about it?

Today a nurse was washing me. She said ‘ your bottom is red ‘.  I said ‘ where?’

She said ‘ here’ .

I said ‘ I can’t see what you can see, and can’t feel where you’re touching , so where is it red?’

She said ‘ just here’.

I repeated my previous sentence, and tried to look over my shoulder to make eye contact, but I can’t turn my head that far.

She said ‘ just here’ .

If the nurses don’t get it, and they’re in the same room with me, how do the rest of you?

Anyway, Lady M told me so much that I didn’t know, things that in the last 3 years would have made a fair difference to me.

Since our meeting earlier on, I’ve applied for a Freedom Pass for a wheelchairist, that gives me free bus and train travel everywhere in London, a Taxi Card that gets me a wheelchair Black Cab for free for the first £10 of every fare ( subsidised by the council ), joined the SIA, signed up for the London Marathon in my Trike ( with SIA exemption, but previously barred by the Marathon person I contacted ), signed up for free medical supplies that previously my GP had to stump up for,  enrolled for special nurse awareness ( if I ever get admitted to a general hospital – and that happens a lot to me ! ) and volunteered to work for the SIA myself.

Ive also contacted Motability about swapping my car for a Mr Magoo type vehicle that I drive my electric chair into.. which they will do!

All in 4 hours.

As well, I saw Adam Toop, a lovely mate of a long time, and a philanthropist that does an awful lot of good, in a very unassuming way.

I also slept for 10 hours straight last night.

Plus I’m going out tonight, for a change on a Friday, since my hospitalisation.

And that is going to be how it is from now on… just like it used to be.

Oh, plus  I volunteered for to do a skydive on December 4th, obv strapped to someone.

Then I remembered that I’m not allowed to do anything for 5 months.


Oh plus plus.. she told me never to give up, when I know I’m being  persecuted or discriminated against.

After all, she’s been there and has the T shirt ?…. and the knighthood.


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  1. I don’t know if your Council does this. Spelthorne Council in Staines will give you a reduction in your Council Tax if you use a wheel chair to get about in doors. I think the Council Tax will be reduced by one band. Love Margaret x x x x

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