It’s not the first time I’ve had an injury below the waist.

Twenty five years ago someone took the below picture ( when I wasn’t looking…. Obvs )

Whilst playing rugby I got an accidental kick in the balls, and they swelled so much that they came right out of my shorts .

I went to hospital and whilst in a cubicle about 20 people came in, one after one, all with very serious expressions .

It soon dawned on me that I could hear laughter after most of them left the exam area .

In the end a doctor stuck a massive syringe in there, and after trying to pull out the plunger with all his might , gave up,  nothing in the way of fluid or blood having come out.

He then gave up and sent me home, only for Dani to find it highly entertaining to invite most of her girlfriends around for a look.

The picture below was how they still looked 3 weeks later.


3 thoughts on “Previous.

    1. She doesn’t have testicles, Nigel.

      Girls generally don’t, though I can’t speak for Julia.

      Dani did however injure her ‘lady parts ‘ in an equivalent kinda way …

      There wasn’t much ‘night time action during that week in Greece.

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