Pourquoi pas?

I finally started spoken French classes last week.

I passed O level French when I was 14. I got an A grade too, so it suggests it was a subject I had a leaning towards..  Since about the age of 27, I’ve spoken it on ski trips to France, where I’ve tended to ski with the French, rather than the British – well they are better skiers, obviously, and I used to ski to test myself, rather than just to ski within myself. Improvement doesn’t come without pushing yourself hard, as most sportsmen know.

Anyway, my spoken French is actually ok, but I struggle to understand the French replying to me at speed.  I think that because I sound like I can speak it fairly well, the French just go for it in their  replies,but have a tendency to lose me in the process.

So… class one of 17 done. Tbh I loved it, though couldn’t help swearing ( in French ) a bit too often in the conversations…  I’m not sure you can get detention at my age, on a paid for adult education course….. but there’s always a first?

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