Poor Dani.

Being remobilised , and therefore vertical in the chair, certainly does wonders for the ‘intestinal movements’. From being constipated in SM, I’ve gone into reverse 

I must applaud my wife for handling this ‘situation’ like a consummate pro. 
It’s certainly not for the feint hearted. 
Again it’s lovely being at home. I’ve lain on my front for a few hours ( for the first time ), which is awesome pressure relief for my butt, and also intro’d bed press ups to me. I’m pathetically weak compared to before but at least I’m trying     
I don’t think I’m ready to take on Stuart ( my brother) in the 60 second 115 press up October 18th challenge yet either. 
What we’re going to do is this:
Stu, age 45, is competing against a relay team of 2 or 3 Hogarth Gym personal trainers, all aged under 30. 
So the bet is, can a ‘middle aged’ Welshman beat a team of highly trained pro’s?
There is a financial element, as this is a charity event…. 
The ‘audience’ will be asked to buy into this by placing a bet on either Stu or the athletic young men of the Hogarth Group. 
Those that bet on the right option will go into a prize draw for a prize. 
You have to factor in that Stu will by this point be pretty drunk, whereas the Athletes will no doubt have  abstained for the evening 😉
I know who my money is on, but that would be telling 🙂
Ironically, if I wasn’t bloody paralysed, I’d certainly try to beat him!
There’s a rumour ( started by me, now! ) that Stu will just be wearing just his Budgie Smugglers. I’m throwing down the gauntlet to the Athletes that they wear an outfit befitting the occasion too. 
I should say that this is an open event, anybody/ any team  can enter! I’m sure there’ll a free pint for anyone that does….
So get training. 

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