Polo, anyone…?

The Eastwood Farm polo event was a great success.
I don’t pretend to understand polo , but do know that the horses don’t kick the ball, and that there’s not a horse goalie.

The hosts were tireless, the hospitality faultless, and the supporters very enthusiastic.

As well as talented riders on horses ( or is it talented horses with riders? ) there were kisses auctioned off from Gloria Frankum and the new Diet Coke male model.
Plenty of Cougars in evidence for the second one, then …

Andreas had his 2 foot long locks cut off by Adam for money, and lots of stuff was bid for in the Silent Auction.

There was even a speech made by a bloke in a wheelchair (me).
In that speech I expressed my graditude to everyone that made it the success it was, and I do again now, most of all to the hosts, ( Lord ) Larry and ( Lady ) Sarah Frankum.

Ok so they’re not actually titled yet, but you never know……

2 thoughts on “Polo, anyone…?

  1. I was trying to leave a comment on ‘How it is.’ but I get the dreaded 404 not found. Anyway, I was just going to say: I think I’d rather go through life offering to to help people I thought needed it and being told to poke off by some of them over seeing people struggle on without my help.

    You need a bit of a thicker skin to get though life if you’re going to get put off helping people by the occasional person who doesn’t want it. Speaking of which a while ago my Dad was stood in the High Street waiting for my Mum who was inside the shop, a lady came over and asked him if he was OK and did he need a little help getting across the street. He replied with ‘No thanks, I’m fine’ in his head he was thinking ‘Bloody hell! Do I look THAT old?!’

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