Picadilly Circus

The teeny waiting room of the ICU department of the London Bridge hospital has turned into Piccadilly Circus since Russ’s return.

Each day I email Russ ‘tomorrow’s visiting list’ which is compiled of about 2 or 3 sensibly spaced visitors all of whom are very compliant and mark their allocated space in the calender.  At the end of each day I get to hear of all those that dropped by in passing……10 so far today alone! 🙂

Ha ha – Russ is clearly the most popular patient at London Bridge Hospital!

I know he is very grateful for your time and efforts as is Dani.  Dani is away for a few days as of Friday and will be hoping that the steady stream of visitors continues to fill the time when she would normally reside (3-7pm).

Thanks to you all. xxx

2 thoughts on “Picadilly Circus

  1. Hi Russ
    This blog business is just fantastic …..modern technology heh!! Lol!
    Glad to read all the news of your amazing recovery( although I can’t imagine you not talking I must say!)
    Hoping the ice Lilly’s are as good in London as they were in France
    Keep improving Russ
    Kate ( s savers ashford)

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