Pia’s post after we’d been to V Festival in Chelmsford.

This is how the view was for this man in the wheelchair from the accessible area at the V festival yesterday. The people standing are carers (people that get in for free, on the account that they provide help to the person with the disability).

The day before, after countless people tried to ask a young family to sit down so they could see, I intervened. I too asked them to sit down, and explained that the rows of people behind them could not see, and they did not have the ability to stand up either.

I was shouted at, sworn at, and told they had a right to stand. Throughout the day, officials came and went, but the family standing somehow managed to carry on standing, they did not seem to have an understanding of right from wrong. They felt it was their right to have a perfect view, dance around and obstruct the view of countless people sitting behind them.

I felt totally embarrassed – as an able bodied person, that people can be so disrespectful and naive in their views and behaviour.

So, if you do happen to read this post, and you’ve been given the opportunity to help a friend/family member/loved one – at a venue/concert etc, please don’t lose sight of the reason you’re in the accessible area (usually near the front, so pretty perfect view already).

Pia xxx

3 thoughts on “Pia’s post after we’d been to V Festival in Chelmsford.

  1. Pia, as usual has nailed the problem – people who are so self obsessed, unaware, or simply don’t care about how their actions affect others. But shame on V & other events for having a disabled area & not controlling it better. I have twittered to them, but surprise, no reply. Don’t you have a friend with a radio show? Maybe you & Pia could be her guests & talk about the problem, & the solutions that you’d like to see implemented?

  2. From my mate Helen after I cut & posted on FB. I particularly like the ‘clipping ankles’ bit ?

    Complain to the organisers and the venue. When I go with my friend in a wheelchair it sometimes says that we cannot stand. If they dont sit down demand (and really demand ) you go to the front of the area so you can see (clip ankles if necessary)

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