Divorce creates an interesting dynamic.

Women side with women, full stop. It’s the man’s fault, whatever the situation. He was either neglectful, too demanding, had the affair, or deserved to be betrayed because of something he’d done.

Men aren’t so judgemental, but aren’t prepared to condradict their wives. They keep their heads down, for fear of dropping themselves in it somehow, by supporting the bloke.

This is how I’ve found it. In private, males are far more honest about what they think, but in public they keep their heads below the parapet.

Women rule the world, behind the scenes. Men zip it – anything to avoid being given a hard time at home by the wife, or to avoid awkward questions from the wife, to explain why they’re supporting the male.

Of course if asked, the majority of people will say that they wouldn’t dream of taking sides, and never would.

That’s bollocks though.

However, worse things have happened to me…. I’ll be more than ok.

I watch and listen,  and find all the behaviour a fascinating study in  human psychology,  as indeed  I’ve found it since my injury.  Sometimes I challenge people’s actions, but not often.

When I do I see the squirming, and it’s as I have predicted it to myself, but I don’t get pleasure from that, so I rarely bring up the topic.


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