Part 23 of my life..

I leave hospital tomorrow, having secured a carer.

I’ll obviously need full time support, as frankly I’m a danger to myself, and can’t do so many things.

It’ll be an interesting time, this next phase of my topsy turvy life. What I will have is WILLING  assistance, rather than so often begrudging assistance. Help with a smile is so much more appealing than help without one, as anyone reading this will know, disabled or not.

I return to a flat stripped of furniture that I need ( usual disregard for the law of splitting of assets in a divorce, there  – but why am I surprised? )

When you are in a wheelchair, and paralysed, then eating requires a table that you can wheel under… and in my case rest one hand on to support myself from toppling over. Having a plate  in your lap ( that you can’t feel on your lap, or feel if the plate begins to slide off  ) is a one way ticket to the plate ending up on the floor, or hot food/ drinks falling onto my sensation free legs, burning me.  Things like that matter not to my departed X… nor the blindingly obvious logic of NOT having a very heavy table carried down 5 flights of stairs ( too big to go into the building lift  ), put in a removal van and transported elsewhere…. requiring me to  source another table ( how do I go round the furniture shops ?) then having that one carried UP the 5 flights into the flat where I remain.  Perhaps it would have been easier for her, with a nod to my situation too,  to order a table for herself and have that delivered to her new abode, at street level?

There’s nothing like pointing out the obvious, to prove the ‘rights and wrongs’ of a situation …. rather than calling someone a f***wit.

On the upside, I shall of course be having a Moving Back In party ( or 3 ), in true Dawkins Resilience stylee.

Thanks to the lots of people that have offered to help me in the coming transition period. I seem to know far more than my fair share of the Good People out there.

As I’m lying here on my last night in hospital, I’ve started to shiver and feel unwell – I hope a sleep resolves that. I’ve rung the nurse bell, but no response ( 10 minutes so far ) as yet. It might just be that the temperature is set too low, but I don’t have the luxury of jumping out of bed to check the reading on the thermostat, do I ?



3 thoughts on “Part 23 of my life..

  1. Send the wonderful Mark P out table shopping for you – he’s a designer, so it will look nice, but also he’s a designer, so he knows all about form following function. (Tell him what height your knees are, obvs.)

    So when should I rock up with a couple of Watneys Party Sevens? (I wonder how many of your readers will know what those are?) 😀

  2. Sorry to hear about your ex having stripped the property. If you tell me the height you need and rough measurements I will source one for you from eBay and try to get it delivered to you. Take care and your Aunty might be onto something with the sweet corn! I am quite good on tinternet and will see it as a challenge! Let me know if you have a preference to colour? Xx

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