I’m doing a lot of exercises with rubber resistance bands to try to rebuild my body after so much abuse in surgery.

My bloody rib cage on my right side is now hurting so much! I have to remember that  at least 9 of the ribs on that side are not joined to anything – that’s 18 ends of ribs that are presumably just sticking into something or other, so maybe that’s why it hurts so much?

I’m also tired from a crazy night at the RGS…. where the drinks are extremely cheap.

I did meet another Wheelchair person there, Mark, who went over the handlebars of his motorbike 20 years ago.

What a good bloke he was too .

He won’t thank me for this, but as well as saying that he’d coped very well with paralysis, he did add that he ‘ missed walking and wanking ‘.

I don’t need to add anything to that summary..

Along with the speaker, Frank Gardner, that made 3 of us with Spinal Cord Injury. Frank can actually just about stand up, though the other speaker, out of respect, sat down for most of his (very funny) talk.





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