I’m on my way back – Rob ( Reginald Molehusband reborn ) driving,  or I wouldn’t be writing this..

As I’ve always been my own worse critic, I’m dissatisfied with how I progressed in a sitski.

In my head, the facts that I went twice as fast, did black runs and even understood the theory of the quite contrary technique don’t make me avoid dwelling on the number of crashes I had on the icy sections or on confined tracks where I just didn’t have enough room ( and confidence ) to try sharp turns to slow myself down – there being on one side trees and the other side a cliff.

I was on Day 5 faced with the choice of ploughing into a group of people all stood together on a narrow and icy track, or deliberately skiing up a steep bank into bushes.  I took the second option and survived the double somersault.

I hopefully get another go at this in April and perhaps then improve further.

When I had working legs I’d get a bit down when I felt I’d not skied well, but not like the mental torment I feel now when I crash / topple over and am  then totally and completely powerless to right myself.

JJ, my guide, is a hard taskmaster, and that’s good for me overall. He seemed very happy with the way things went in general.

I spent most evenings looking on YouTube watching the best Paralympic skiers and thinking how crap I was compared to them.

After only about 2 whole weeks on a sit ski I suppose that I am a touch unrealistic.

Thanks to Dan and Rob and Kev and JJ and everyone else that helped me.

4 thoughts on “Overall.

  1. Well, this is how I saw the week.
    Russ worked hard at learning to control the sit-ski with the awesome help of JJ the French instructor. From very long traverses and being ‘driven’ around the hill to getting tracks in powder in one week was special to see.
    And, occasionally, Russ let himself enjoy it all.

    He worked hard at every lesson, though some of them went on longer than he was ready for and as a result of his tenacity he progressed to longer, faster skis that gave more stability at higher speeds as he was ready for the next step in learning to ski again.

    In normal Dawkins style, he now wants faster stabilizers and won’t rest until he has got them and mastered them…. I’m not sure JJ wants him going that fast yet – but you try and tell him to slow down!


    1. That’s about it.
      I have ordered some different ‘poles’ from America, in the hope that that’ll be the effect.

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