Our anniversary.

Dani spent 13 hours here yesterday, and has now gone back to Portugal to be with the girls. 

We had a moving day together. She brought in our wedding albums ( hence the photos ) and it was both a laugh and very nostalgic to see us and our mates and family back then. 
Several of my family have since died, sadly, so was lovely to see them again, with the associated memories of the big day. 
I tried a glass of champagne again. It tasted marginally better than last time. Don’t worry, I’m determined to keep at it!
Again it was heartbreaking to see Dani go away for another week ( tho I know the girls need her, and they all need their holiday ).
As she hugged me saying goodbye, I totally cracked for the first time and broke down. I said how sorry I was for messing up her life and that of my girls. 
She looked into my eyes, and told me that they’d come within millimetres of losing me altogether, so would be forever grateful that I’m still here. 
I don’t think I’d really fully realised that until she said it. 

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