Jesus, my ribs are still hurting, as is my left arm.

On waking, after a period of immobility, it all seems to seize up, and hurts an awful lot in the morning. For me, this means I can barely move. If you’ve only got your arms, and one of them is too painful to move, then you’re a bit buggered.

I did manage to put a new bolt in my Triride attachment, though given how hard it was to cut through the 3 zip ties, I reckon that they’d have held fast for a while.

Anyway, a test not worth testing, given another crash could be fatal.

Also I’m bloody constipated, which is messing up my head big time. ┬áNot knowing at what point i might crap myself is an unpleasant place to be, given that I’m often a long way from home.

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