As I’m unable to move laterally ( that’s sideways ) at night in bed, my buddy Mr P, at my request, put up a shelf above my headboard so that I can just reach up and get things there. They have to be on the edge of the shelf and sticking out enough for me to see them from my position lying below. It’s all a bit precarious but it does work.
The trouble is tho that sometimes I get it wrong and reach up in the middle of the night, in the dark, for one of my two( lain flat ) bottles of water, and in my dozy state I dislodge something else next to the thing I want, which comes down very suddenly onto my face below.

That’s 3 times now that I have a cut face/ black eye. A Litre bottle of water obviously weighs a kilogram, and seems to gather a fair bit of speed dropping the 18 inches onto my face. I don’t see it coming, as it’s dark and I’m half asleep…. so a cut over my left eye today is from my powerball arm exerciser which got me last night. I was a bit drunk ( yes, that doesn’t help coordination ) after seeing Alan Price in Barnes with my buddy, Chris No Cats. Alan was really popular in his day, even having his own TV show. He sang with The Animals, with massive hits like The House of the Rising Sun which pretty much everyone knows. He’s blimmin 77 now (!) but he’s still got it! Funny as well, being a Geordie lad who hasn’t forgotten his roots, or lost his accent.

I wonder if I will still be going to gigs by wheelchair at 77….

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