Thank you to Leigh and Bev for coming to dinner, and thank you even more to Jo, for saying that she’d be my ‘date’ and for offering to cook.

It transpired about 20 minutes before L&B arrived that I’d forgotten to mention to Jo that there would be 4 of us, not 2. Not knowing that much about cooking myself, I was under the impression that with 20 Minutes to go, it wouldn’t be that difficult to ‘ cook some more food ‘ . Jo seemed to go into a bit of a panic though ( obviously caring far more than I do about food/ feeding people/ giving a good impression to dinner guests ) The more I laughed, the more Jo seemed to rush about…. cooking things.

To me, the company and the alcohol are the principal things about getting together, with the food being almost insignificant. Apparently that makes me quite unusual, most people caring/ taking pride ( even?) in meal preparation.

I can’t understand it myself, but I will in future make a mental note to tell the chefess approximate numbers of attendees.

As it was, all went very well and all 4 of us had food, and even a dessert, which I actually assisted in ‘ preparing ‘, against my instinct ( which is ‘what do you mean, make a dessert? What’s wrong with ice cream?’ )

So sincere thanks to Jo for her culinary skills, and more so for tolerating my obvious lack of communication skills.

Thanks to me for joining in the drinking of wine, and for playing some good music, surely as important, if not more so than the food?

I suppose when i hear ‘ dinner party’ the first half of the expression sort of goes in one ear and out of the other. I can’t help it, I’ve just never cared about food. I recall being offered a ( free ) place on a cookery course thingy a long time ago, and it just sounded like the daftest waste of a few days to me, so obviously declined within half of a millisecond. If left to ‘fend for myself’ I wouldn’t starve, but there really wouldn’t be an awful lot of variety. If I go to a supermarket by myself ( more difficult now, in chair ) I only buy about 5 things, because I just find the whole ‘ food thing ‘ a bit mystifying.

To me, that makes me really straightforward, but to everyone else it makes me really weird.

As I’m unusual in lots of other ways, maybe I actually have some kind of very rare syndrome, or something? I like that concept, as then it’s not my fault, is it….


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