One less demon.

I had this idea, the other day. The bike that I fell off, I still have. I did try to give it away to a couple of guys that knew me, a few years ago. I mean, it’s a beautiful machine, and I didn’t need it anymore, did I?

I think that to them it was akin to wearing dead man’s shoes; the bike was cursed by association/ would I be upset if I saw them on it / wasn’t it just all a bit f’d up?

If it had eyes and could feel then it would be the last thing that saw me, and sensed me   – as an impressive figure of a man, and as a normal human being.

For years it’s been in an outside cupboard. Not like a dark presence, but sort of unspoken about.

My friend Lea, herself a record breaking cyclist ( so far better than I would have been, as an enthusiastic amateur ) helped me to tie it to the girder in the flat in which I currently live.

I’ve looked at it a lot tonight, and have fallen back in love with it ( as I used to be ). It’s no longer either cursed, or a dark presence… and no one else is going to ride it ever again.

Only me, in my dreams.

7 thoughts on “One less demon.

  1. right…next time im up your way and we go out on the lash, can i borrow the bike for the journey too the pub, will require help on way back, i think i couldmanage to freewheel down a slope!

  2. It is a work of art now. Enjoy riding it in your dreams. That’s where I ski black runs. (My dreams, not your dreams, that would be weird.)

  3. Art installations now! Are you entering it for the Turner prize? Much better and with a far more powerful story to tell than the usual rubbish!! Mxx

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