Once I leave…

What am I gonna do..?

Ok, Plan A is to get a lot stronger, in as much as I can, given that over half of me can’t. 
I’ll spend a lot of time in The Hogarth Club, in the gym there, or in the Bar ( but not drinking )
I’m going to escape to Portugal for a few weeks of ( hopefully ) sunshine, my body having been deprived of UV light for 8 months. Before this I spent 2 or 3 hours every day, rain or shine, outdoors, so I know I’ve been deprived of the beneficial effects of fresh air in a big way. 
I hope that whilst there I can push myself around a lot on the smoother roads, plus the trails if I have a Mountain Trike, plus do a bit of canoeing if I get lifted onto a boat and have a fellow paddler with me to save me if I fall in..
I hope to get a car by May, and maybe around then be able to work in some regular capacity too. 
The government Access to Work scheme  should be able to help fund adaptions to my workplace, plus help with a special wheelchair that I get strapped into that can actually elevate me to a standing position, enabling me to work more easily. 
I won’t be able to go upstairs at work, so that’ll limit to a degree what I can do, but I know I’ll be able to make a positive contribution nonetheless. 
So you could say that whilst I’m
about to get out, the real work is about to start. 
Plenty of challenges ahead, for sure. 

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