On a lighter note..

I’ve realised perhaps where my girls get it from.

Q. Which warriors believed their dead went to Valhalla?

Dani: Do you mean Van Halen?

Q. What kind of creature was Rikki-Tikki-Tavi ?

Dani: Ricky Dicky Derby? Never heard of him….



What Scandinavian country has a flag with a blue background and a Scandinavian cross?

Amber: Pakistan?

My right leg has been going crazy quite a lot today. I think that in the process of getting the right boot on, my fourth toe may have been bent double, and stayed that way for 8 hours. It’s looking a not healthy colour at the moment and my right leg is very animated…

My tummy has gone back to being super super sensitive to the lightest touch.

Sleep tonight may not be plentiful




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