Old things.

I’d never seen the film Casablanca, until last night, not even a clip from it.

Bogart never actually says ‘ Play it again, Sam ‘ in it, though he does almost say it a couple of times.

Outside, within the walls of Westminster Abbey is a pretty cool place to watch a film though, whatever the film is. I’m sure they wouldn’t show a film with lots of profanities there though, it being a rather religious setting.

Thanks to Jo for coming with me, eating all my popcorn and dressing as Robin Hood. I’m sure there was a reason why…

Thank you to Marky P and Mrs P for having Stella and I to dinner tonight too. The last time Stella met Mark was in a less comfortable setting, when Mark was pleading with the psychiatrist to not release me from hospital, doing his best to convince the doctor that my release would only end in my imminent demise at my own hand.

Well, I’m still alive and it’s 3 weeks later. So there, Mark.

It’s my birthday in 2 days’ time – one that I very nearly didn’t reach. Can you fit 37 candles on a muffin ?

Good to see Neal recently, and Dan too. Blimey I’ve learned that a curry and a colostomy are NOT a good match – that could all have ended badly. One to avoid in future !


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  1. You hadn’t seen Casablanca??? Well I’m glad you have now. I love that film. I thought it was compulsory viewing in the 80s? 🙂

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