I went to a school today to apply for the official forms that will allow me to visit/ help in schools, going forward.

Its a new school, and presumably built according to modern access regulations. There was a slope option up to the reception area.

The slightly tricky detail was that in order to access that slope, id need to go down 2 steps… a surprise finding?

The way I actually got in was around the back, through a building site, down into the underground car park, and then up in a small lift….

Hmmm… I think they need to address that bit? It’s hardly inconceivable that one day a pupil or another parent might arrive in a wheelchair ?

3 thoughts on “Okayyyyyy

  1. What a good idea, visiting schools. You have a lot to offer kids – yes, an insight into life in a wheelchair, but WAY more than that. Sports, active life, science, learning, university life, opthalmology as a careers choice… Good on you.
    And yes, hopefully you can also point out some problems with accessibility!!!

  2. you do realise that to work in a school will require a thorough police check and search through your history??? some of your previous escapades might be deemed inappropriate! dw ill vouch for you

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