Okayyyyyy then..

Message from my carer, just now, as I’ve resumed going to the gym ( for my limited routine )


‘Hey Russ I’m just here in the kitchen and I’ve just realised we have no pots or pans’


Youda thought one pan wouldn’t have been too much…


3 thoughts on “Okayyyyyy then..

  1. Spite.
    Not attractive.

    I hope you’ve photographed the flat, Russ, to show how much you have been left with. Your legal team will appreciate evidence.
    You might find it useful when you come to discuss child custody/visitation. It goes to demonstrate your ex’s attitude to you and her behaviour.

  2. How evil. I have been shocked by some of the things your ex has done during your most vulnerable of times but this tops the bloody lot. Chin up Russ. Keep a note of everything she’s taken so your Solicitor can take all this into consideration when she tries to take you to the cleaners. Chin up Russ.xx

  3. That’s taking the Piss leaving you with nothing. Even the most heartless person would have made sure that you were OK before they left.. Margaret x

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