Ok then..

So I find myself in an unexpected situation, that of being far straighter, and more upright, BUT being less able than before the operations.


I’ll be able to reach 2 inches higher?
I’ll look better?
I’ll be able to sit ski better, as turning right and left will now require the same technique, making it far less confusing.
I’ll once again be able to use my stand up wheelchair ( and feel less self conscious as I shan’t be twisted all over the place )
Pushing along in my chair MAY be better, through me being symmetrical?
The result is permanent, as it really is impossible to break now ?


Significantly less able to turn my shoulders either side.

Can’t touch the floor anymore, from my chair ( though the chair could actually be made lower, so maybe not? )

Can’t turn over in bed? Tho hard to say as not in a normal bed, here in hospital.

Loss of ‘ forwardness’ means pushing chair will be just my arms, and not any help from the little bit of trunk control I had before.

Getting into and out of my hand bike may have become virtually impossible by myself now? Again, I don’t know, but my previous technique won’t work now, I know that.

Going to the Loo possibly much harder, through less available movement – I won’t go into the detail, as it’s a bit shocking.

Transfers are looking like they’ll be a lot harder, as they rely on being able to lean your top half forward – and I’ve lost about 30 degrees of ability, which is massive.

Should I have done this, then ?

Yes, as my spine was deteriorating fast, and would have continued to do so – giving my crazy spasms and non stop pain that I couldn’t feel, but my body didn’t like, making me ill a lot of the time.

I therefore had no choice.

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