To my surprise, people don’t react to a very loud electronic noise, even when it’s really close to them….

I think people are insensitised to so much these days. They seem so unaware and so separate from their surroundings, missing most of what’s around them, dulled by their internal troubles perhaps, as well as their external phones.

I’m amazed by how often people almost walk into me, and not only those on their phones. People walk out of doorways without looking right or left, meander along pavements, stop suddenly without wondering if someone else is right behind them. If people drove cars like people walk around, there’d be carnage on the roads. Despite my loud siren and my very bright lights, I find that it’s only really ‘ Oi ‘ that is guaranteed to work. ‘ Excuse me’ isn’t anywhere near as effective…

It’s a shame that you have to be rude to be seen.

I do usually acknowledge an acknowledgement with a smile and a thank you, so I can sleep at night.

Well I could if it weren’t for the bloody spasms that are once more on the increase, especially my right leg, which rarely seems still these days.

Tomorrow night, Pia and I have a slightly bizarre sounding night ahead. I booked tickets via O2 Academy to see… wait for it…. a Mexican band that plays Morrissey ( from The Smiths ) songs….


First of the gang to die. Ole!

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