Oh no, the inevitable rant.

Where do I start?

I know, car parking.

Disabled bays. F’ers who aren’t , parking in them. ‘Oh it was only for ten minutes/ my wife is disabled ( tho not actually with me etc etc’

At the station the other day… The guy parked in the only bay waved his Network Rail ID at me and says ‘ it’s ok, I work for the station ‘… What???   I parked alongside him so he couldn’t get out of his door.

‘ Wheelchair ‘ bays have that chequered yellow paint area to the side of the bay  TO PUT THE BLOODY WHEELCHAIR IN.  Not because the disabled are crap drivers who need more space to park. Or are really, really fat.

Unless you’re in a wheelchair, don’t park in them, ok!

Disabled toilets where the doors are on such high tension springs that I can’t pull them open… Because as I pull I roll closer to the door  stopping it opening.

Pedal bins in loos. Yes, PEDAL bins. What f’ing use is that to me, with paralysed legs that don’t move/ can’t move. I have to reach down and push the sodding pedal with my hand.

Disabled loos used as store rooms – chairs/ladders/ boxes/ the Hoover etc.  Theyre bigger so that a wheelchair can turn around in one   As soon as they’ve got other stuff in them…. You can’t turn around… To reach the pedal bin with your hand.

Accessible loos down a flight of stairs.. Yes, that daft. I asked and he said ‘ yes, no problem, we have one.. Just down those stairs…

Im not angry about these things, just a little bewildered.

4 thoughts on “Oh no, the inevitable rant.

  1. When I drive into a carpark and it’s full but there are a stack of disabled spaces all left empty (and this happens a lot here in Wales), I am so proud of people for being decent, civilised human beings.

  2. You could write to your MP…keep emailing …..someone will answer eventually.
    John knows in a way how you feel, walking painfully with crutches his hip replacement 3rd September, keeping our fingers crossed!
    He has an awfull problem getting in and out of the car……some idiot parked so close to him at the hospital he couldn’t get out of the car. He blasted on his horn the guy looked at him and John said ” How the hell am I supposed to get out” the guy shrugged his shoulders at him ….. Then he moved his car!

    We send our love xxxxxxx

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