Oh Jesus. The unimaginable almost happened twice in the same year to the same family. I’ve re read this email 4 times and filled up every time. Guardian angel, or is someone out to get us?

Glad you made it to Boston safely.
I hesitate to write this, but thought you should know.
I just spent the last 2 hours in an ambulance.
While driving back from town to our house, up OKEMO ridge road in the heavy snow, I had to make a u-turn as the road was blocked by cars that had skidded off the road.
I drove back down the hill toward Jackson Gore. Half way down there was a Chevy suburban stuck in the snow with a woman and girl in the front seats.
I backed my car up to them to see if I could help.
I opened the drivers door of the stranded suburban and was leaning in the car to change their 4 wheel drive settings. All of a sudden I was flying through the air! A snow plow truck, out of control coming down the hill slammed into the car door behind which I was standing, hitting it so hard I flew 20 feet in the air. When I came round, amazingly I was ok, badly bruised ribs and leg, shaking from shock and cold, but otherwise ok!
I swear someone is looking out for us. 10 seconds earlier or 2 feet to my left, I would have been a gonna.
As it is I’m just very sore and very grateful!
Love you bro,


(If there is a God, then I thank you for stepping in and sparing us another unbearable blow. 

Russ. )

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