Now there’s a.. thing.

Going to see Edwyn Collins tonight. He had a MASSIVE hit with a song called Girl Like You, that just about everyone will recognise.

Interesting fella – he suffered 2 strokes when he was in his late 30’s and then had aphasia, which is where your intelligence is unaffected but you can’t always find the words, maybe can’t even read them in fact, and you have to develop coping mechanisms ( like calling things ‘ thing’ a lot ) while you work on your recovery, which isn’t at all a given.

If he starts singing ‘ I’ve never met a thing like you before..’ I’ll know he’s having an attack.

Brain stuff is so interesting isn’t it? I know from my own frontal lobe concussion that it changes you, in my case certainly a fair bit in the short term at least. My helper today was saying that his brother was involved in a car crash and his head hit something very hard. He got a temporal lobe injury. He was a sign writer by trade, but after the injury he literally had forgotten how to even hold a paintbrush… he had to COMPLETELY relearn his former skill, which he actually did.

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