Not yet.

All dressed up and nowhere to go.

It takes me a long time to get dressed in ski stuff and get waterproof boots on, then to  get in the car ( with Dan  – involving a 3 man effort to get me backwards down a steep ramp ) then to drive to the ski area , to find the right parking spot, only for the hard rain to render it a bad idea to sitski ( soaking and falling in wet slush on Day 1 probably not a confidence booster )

It was cancelled by mutual consent of instructor and myself, sensibly I think.

Pre injury I never missed a ski day, whatever the conditions, but now it’s different and I have to consider the likely outcomes of making the wrong choice.

Tomorrow yet more snow is forecast ( as it was today ) so we’ll  reassess in mid morning.

Today I read the latest edition of Viz instead – very, very puerile but actually still as ‘ funny ‘ as it used to be.


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