Not good.

My spasms haven’t stopped for the last 24 hours.
I now can’t get into bed by myself, or feel confident to push my wheelchair alone, for fear of spasms jerking me out onto the ground.

I’m going so far into reverse in this journey, it’s unbelievable.
Things that only seemed hard a year ago are now near impossible.

2 thoughts on “Not good.

  1. Oh Honey! What on earth is behind these spasms and how can they be controlled or at least reduced enough for you to feel safe and get some sleep?
    I felt so hopeful for you when you mentioned your consultant had linked them to an infection in your spine and suggested powerful antiobiotics pre-surgery to correct your spinal curvature. What’s happening with that? Is there anything holding out some hope or answers?

    Solidarity, mate. x

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