Not good.

Today I can’t stop crying. I’ve not been this way for a long time.

They say it’s good to cry and perhaps it is.

I know that that’s how it is when you have PTSD, which was my psychiatrist’s opinion some time ago.

Today will pass, I know. Tomorrow will be better, I’m sure, although at the moment seeing ahead is  not really possible.

4 thoughts on “Not good.

  1. Hi Russ, Anthony mtb guide Port Talbot here, haven’t messaged before as wasn’t sure if you’d remember me but I read your blog every night, and it makes me happy, sad and inspired. It was a pleasure meeting you all those years ago, Stay strong buddy

    1. Ahh Ant, of course I remember you very well- and fondly.
      I almost didn’t catch that flight to France, because of the air strike. I almost came to Wales instead to bike with you.
      I obviously wish I had.

      1. I know buddy, I remember you calling to see if I was free and could get some bikes sorted. FFS! I had some of my best days on a bike riding with you guys, so funny, great memories

        1. And actually probably my best days too?

          Maybe Heaven is like that – just fun, doing what you love doing, and laughing all of the time…

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